Wednesday, March 25, 2009

New Things Coming to

Hello everyone. This post will be short in nature, but I just wanted to let you in on a little secret. "Coming Soon", will be anouncing a new way of doing things that can help not only new clients, but our existing ones as well. For right now, we will call it the " Stimulas Package", a creative way to help you save money when times are tough.

So please be on the look out for a new blog post on all the details.

Also, we would like to welcome Ian Meservy and Anthony Gingrich to the staff at Many of you may have already had contact with Ian (he has been here for a little while), and we are excited to have him on board as a new consultant. Anthony is a new programmer for, and trust me, good things will come from knowledge and talent. Please feel free to reach out to them when needed. You may reach them at and

Again, if there is every a time that you need anything, please do not hestiate to contact me via phone or email. I am here to help you.

Well, I hope you all have a great day, and don't forget to keep a lookout for our announcemet.

Russell Yearwood
601-264-0969 ext 112

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