Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I would like to welcome all of you to my new blog dealing with Microsoft and i.t.works. The purpose of this blog is to allow us to post valuable information that would be important to all of us. I will use this site to post news updates from Microsoft as well as i.t.works. This will allow you to be informed in a timely manner, rather than waiting on our newsletter. Please feel free to utilize this site to make any comments that you view as necessary. I would also ask that you add this blog to your RSS feeds so that you will be notified as to when it is updated. If you need assistance with that, just click on the orange feed button on the top, right of the menu bar, and follow the instruction. You should then receive an email (in your RSS Feed folder) each time an entry is made to this blog site.

Thank you for trust in allow us to serve your needs. Be on the look out for new products and services that we will be offering shortly.

As always, I may be reached at russell@thinkitwork.com, or visit http://www.thinkitworks.com

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