Monday, July 27, 2009

How Advanced is Your Organization? (for GP Users)

Microsoft Dynamics GP offers many opportunities for organizations improve their efficiency. The more advanced an organization is, the more Dynamics GP tools it will use.

How advanced is your organization? Take this quiz and find out.

1) Which version of Microsoft Dynamics GP are you using? (The latest version offers the most functionality and the best support.)
a. +1 point for using Dynamics GP 10
b. +0 points for version 9 or 8
c. -2 points for earlier versions
_____ Score (Max 1)

2) Which modules are you using? (Modules beyond core financials provide improved integration and improve transaction flow and consistency.)
a. +0 points for core financials (GL, AP, AR)
b. +1 point EACH if using Business Portal, Distribution, Project Accounting, Field Service or Manufacturing
_____ Score (Max 5)

3) Which third-party moduels are you using? (Third-party modules enhance a firm's Dynamics GP solutions in very specific areas and fill in a Dynamics GP solution.).
a. +0 points for no third-party modules
b. +1 point if using less than three modules
c. +2 points if using three or more modules
_____ Score (Max 2)

4) Which features of Dynamics GP are you using to improve user productivity?
a. -1 point for not using Smartlists
b. +1 point for using Smartlist Builder
c. +1 point for using Smartlist Export Solutions
d. +1 point for knowing how to delete an AutoComplete Entry
_____ Score (Max 3)

5) How extensively are you using Microsoft FRx financial reporting and analysis software?
a. -1 point if not using FRx
b. +1 point for using FRx
c. +1 ADDITIONAL point if using FRx with XBRL
_____ Total Score (Max 2)

6) What kind of reporting tools are you using?
a. +1 if using Excel Reports
b. +1 if using Business Alerts
c. +1 if using Analysis Cubes
_____ Score (Max 3)

7) What is your staff's skill level?
a. +1 if your staff can close the year without your partner's help
b. +1 if your staff uses CustomerSource for support
c. +1 if your staff uses Newsgroups, Forums, Twitter or other community tools for support
d. +1 if you would bet your paycheck that your company could do a Dynamics GP restore in from backup in less than 8 hours.
_____ Score (Max 4)

_____ Score (Max 20)

Here's how to assess your score:

Greater than 12: Congratulations! You've got an advanced Dynamics GP setup and you're probably running it in a larger organization. Make sure you leverage other modules and third-party applications to get the most out of your solution.

From 6-12: You are getting there. Your firm probably does a lot right with Dynamics GP, but you may well have a nagging feeling that you could do so much more. Look for some quick wins and training to improve your solution.

Less than 6: The good news is that there is lots of room to add efficiency to your organization. You may be smaller or new to Dynamics G,P but that shouldn't stop you.

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